Our exercise programs are designed to support the [physiological changes that happen] throughout a woman’s life, instead of fighting them. And focus on movements that prepare women for childbirth, recovery, and the fitness challenges and opportunities as we age. As women, we have many gifts. We cannot separate the physical body from our other subtle bodies.
— Carolyn Anthony, Center for Women's Fitness

Heard it was good to exercise while pregnant or just had a baby and want to get back in shape...now what? 

Most fitness methods include “what not to do” for pregnancy and during the postnatal period, but lack anything specific about what TO do. We offer a method specifically designed for the female anatomy and changes that occur throughout various stages of life (The Center For Women’s Fitness). For prenatal exercise, it’s important to get strong for delivery and carrying around a newborn. For postnatal, we all want to be that hot momma. But it’s so much more....


  • Abdominals appropriately balanced to support Optimal Fetal Positioning and easier delivery

  • Pelvic Floor exercises for both strength and pliability (Kegels are not enough)

  • Minimizing discomforts like swollen feet, back pain, cramps, stress and insomnia

  • Build confidence: in the innate intelligence of your body

  • Consistency to keep you grounded and ease recovery

  • A community of support and understanding


  • Getting to know your new body

  • Safely reconnecting abdominals and pelvic floor

  • Healing Diastasis Recti

  • Assisting Physical Therapy for leaking, prolapse, pelvic pain

  • Addressing New Mom Postural Issues (nursing, carrying, sleeping positions)

  • Easing neck pain, back pain, headaches, fatigue, tightness

  • Emotional support

It’s hard. You were MADE to do it. But with support.

Photography © Merrithew Corporation. Used with permission.

Photography © Merrithew Corporation. Used with permission.

My workouts with Katie started two years ago at the beginning of my second pregnancy. Her workouts offered relief to my pregnancy aches and pains, and remained challenging, even through my third trimester. Her knowledge and experience with women’s health proved even more valuable during my post-delivery recovery. My pelvic floor issues are diminished and I have a waistline again! Not to mention the fact that I can now swing around my 30lb toddler without throwing out my back. Katie is understanding, motivating, and encouraging and knows how to work within your personal limitations to get the most benefit from your workout. I’d recommended her to anyone looking to improve their quality of life and body awareness.
— Juliet Hernandez, Client