Originally from the midwest, Katie trained and performed around the US, recently concluding 2 decades in professional dance. Integral to success in this rigorous field, she also practiced pilates for over 20 years as performance enhancement and injury rehabilitation. Throughout her career, Katie strove to integrate a wide diversity of dance training methods and mold her physique into a desired aesthetic, while maintaining health. She became increasingly curious, as both a dancer and teacher, at a lack of exercise science being applied to dance training. 

This naturally inspired Katie to study the science of movement: what each body needs to reach its full potential. She sought instructor training in her preferred method, STOTT PILATES®, where she consistently experienced skilled instructors and superior equipment. Katie has since completed over 450 hours of training to become a fully certified STOTT PILATES® and qualified Total Barre™ Instructor through MERRITHEW™. See below for Katie's other Specialty Trainings and Workshops. Connect with Katie on Linkedin: for complete dance resume and more.

FUN FACTS: Katie has practiced the Transcendental Meditation® Technique for 25 years and her family has a long history of entrepreneurship in health and wellness. Her great grandfather founded The Hygenic Corporation (1930), who originally manufactured dental products and invented the TheraBand™ progressive exercise system (1975) in collaboration with physical therapists.  

Katie's passionate about using her unique perspective to help clients MOVE, STRETCH, and THRIVE. She would love to be part of your journey!   


          - Pre/Post Natal Health and Exercise Specialist™
          - Exercise Through Menopause™
          - The Center Method For Diastasis Recti Recovery™
          - Support your Floor™ (Pelvic Floor Health)
          - Rocking to Release™ (Myofascial Release)