Grant grew up in the Pacific Northwest, where outdoor culture inspires active lifestyles. As a result, he began athletics at an early age. Through competitive figure skating, tennis and then dance, Grant quickly found a love for pursuing physical excellence and complex mental challenge to create the best in human form. After studying on scholarship at several of America’s prestigious dance training grounds, Grant went on to an 18 year career as a leading professional dancer. 

Grant had first been introduced to the importance of cross training while at The School of American Ballet, where he participated in rigorous weight training programs. As he transitioned out of his performing career, Grant needed something intensely effective to fill the gap. Fortunately, he was introduced to Barre Fitness by Exhale co-founder Elisabeth Halfpapp. After just a few months of classes, Grant felt more in shape than he had while dancing. Realizing a new platform to share his passion for enhancing human form, Grant was inspired to pursue teacher training. After 200+ hours, Grant is Barre Certified by Exhale and was a Teacher and Fitness Model for Exhale Spa. He was on faculty for Ballet Academy East's Adult Division. Grant subsequently founded Fit-Arts Studio with his wife Katie.

Grant found his private training clients could benefit from additional repertoire. Having personally valued the options afforded by the Pilates reformer, he received training in this modality. At the same time, Grant caught word of a self-treatment massage technique called MELT. While every body needs to be active, we also require self care. Grant found MELT moves to be effective and results immediate. He's thrilled to empower his clients to MELT away pain and stress.

Grant is passionate about exercise and wellness that fits into the demands of modern life while remaining aspirational. He would love to help you reach your potential!

Additional Qualifications:

  • Modalities: Barre, Barre+Yoga, Cardio, HIIT
  • Certified in MELT Method® Hand and Foot Touchless Massage & Level 1 Soft Roller
  • Anatomy and Biomechanics for Movement Professional